How Can I Get a Promotion Quickly?

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Starting a new career is exciting. You've gone through all the steps and gotten a job in a field you are interested in. The next thing you may wonder about is how to get a promotion quickly. No one wants to wait around for years before they get their first promotion. The faster you move up the ladder, the more money you can make.

There are certain steps that you can take to make sure that you get a promotion as quick as possible. Follow these steps and you will be sure to see results quickly.

1. Observe

You need to understand what is required from people who move up in the company that you are working at. Watch those that are in higher positions than your own. Watch how they dress, how they interact with other employees, and the kind of work ethic they have. Once you have learned by watching, implement what you have learned in your own work habits.

2. Ask Questions

You cannot learn without asking questions. Talk to people you work with in a friendly manner. People like it when you are interested in them so as long as you are not overly personal, you can ask questions and get really good information. Questions you might want to ask would include:

- How long have you worked here?

- What position did you start in?

- Who is your favorite supervisor/manager? Why?

- Is there anyone in the company that has been especially helpful in your job?

3. Network

Networking is not something you should restrict to when you are searching for a job. By networking within the company you work for you can learn about things like job openings. You can also develop relationships with people. When you develop relationships with people, they are more likely to recommend you when a position opens up. Remember that networking is not only about talking business. Networking is about sharing resources and knowledge. Networking is also about being social and sharing common interests outside the work day. If your company has a sports team or a charity that they support, get involved. The relationships that you build during these activities can be invaluable when it comes to getting a promotion.

4. Join Teams

Most big business use team work to get projects done. If the opportunity arises to join a team project, jump on it! Teamwork skills are one of the most desired skills when it comes to any job and it is one of the things that is considered when it comes to getting promoted. Use your areas of expertise to contribute to a team and you will get noticed!

If you want to move ahead in the career field you have entered, follow these steps. A large part of getting a promotion is being noticed and doing a good job. Do not be afraid to talk to others and don't hold back from letting others know what your goals and aspirations are. Managers that do the hiring like to see people who are goal oriented and driven to succeed.

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