What is the method of "Surviving Career Change"?

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It has always been said "Change is part of life", as organic that sentence may sound, change in general is difficult and so more when it comes to your livelihood. It turns nerve - wrecking but it doesn't always have to be that way. Change means you are growing, it means you completed a chapter and now you want to start a fresh one because there is no sense in dwelling on something that will not further you in life. You want change in your career that means you are evidently not content and passionate about the existing one. It is substantial for your personal and professional growth. It is well known that a person excel in the domain he/she is zealous regarding. career change is a decision that cannot be accomplished just by prattling about. It requires -

1. Courage

2. Careful Contemplation

3. Strategy

4. Perseverance

Some of the readers might think, 'but why such a theatrical title, this isn't a battle.' Believe me when I say, it isn't less than a battle. Be prepared with your Armour and shield to tackle diverse emotions and impediments. You will witness manifestation of various thoughts and emotions within you. It will be a day to day scrimmage in your mind. At times you my feel incapable and think of giving up even the mere idea of career change, but you're not the only one who feels that way. Everybody passes through these stages during the process of "Surviving career change". It is rudimentary of human nature. We get so accustom to our usual regime that we begin impelling ourselves to accept the fallacy security and comfort of subsisting territory and just the mere notion of stepping out of it may create turmoil in our mind, hence exigency of courage.

But many times you will find yourself determined because ultimately you desire the change. But there is more constructive approach to it than obstructive. Like any survival tactics, surviving career change also needs to be approached with careful consideration of plans and executions.

First you have to be definite about what you desire. Which route you want to choose? Hence the juncture for heedful contemplation occurs. Choosing a career path can be perplexing when you are floundering to let go of your paying security and it gets harder when there is no support from family front but keep in mind they are worried and confused along with you too. So you are the one who has to be sure and persistent for what you want. If you don't choose a career you are passionate about you are missing out on your potential. It's better to strive than regret for rest of your life. Just talking and thinking about it won't cut out, you will have to put an effort toward the exception of the change that you have embraced. Selecting a career path that motivates you, keeps your passion illuminated is very essential. It can play huge part in your happiness. Keeping a positive set of mind is imperative for "surviving career change".

Once you made your mind with careful contemplation and determination choosing your career path then arrives the part for strategic planning. Primarily it will be tough to let go of all the comfort and security and grasping onto something new. It's not going to be an instant success, you will have to build your own pavement brick by brick to reach the desired destination. For instance, if you want to be a writer you will first have to write. You can't be a published writer without writing a book. So you will have to establish your groundwork as per your career choice. Do a thorough research on the field you have chosen. Explore the techniques and tactics required to attain your objective.

Even after careful contemplation, acquiring optimistic mindset and strategic deliberations there are going to be certain moments when you will rue the resolution and step you took, hence the extreme requirement of perseverance. Just because of couple of setbacks don't quit on your dreams. Don't let trivial hindrances washed away the progress you made so far. Whenever you feel like giving up remember how much you wanted it. Nothing worthy is instant and without struggle, you have to work hard for it only then you will truly be able to enjoy the flavor of your success. Keep in mind, Rome wasn't build in a day.

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