What are some good tips for how to get hired?

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There are several techniques to increase your odds that a prospective employer will choose you over other candidates they are interviewing. Learn how to get hired by following this advice.

First, make sure you are appropriately dressed according to the job for which you are interviewing. Your attire should be clean and pressed. If you are a smoker, try not to smoke the morning of your interview. A non-smoker can easily smell smoke on your hair and clothes and this can be off-putting during an interview. Smile and make eye contact with your interview. If you avert your eyes when you answer questions, this can appear like you are not being truthful.

If you feel nervous at the beginning of the interview, it’s often helpful to remind yourself that you have not misrepresented yourself on your resume; that you are more than capable of fulfilling the requirements of this job. If you are still nervous, it’s okay to admit it to the interviewer. Many times this will ingratiate you in the interviewer’s eyes. This admission will bring the interview down to a human level, and this is what you want. Being honest is always valued during an interview, and during employment.

In many areas, the law prohibits interviewers from asking personal questions. But a job candidate who offers this information freely is seen as open and friendly. How to get hired over other candidates is often a matter of sharing a little bit about yourself during the interview. You don't have to share anything that makes you uncomfortable, but it's unhelpful if you seem cagey about sharing anything at all.

Do you have a family to support? Mention this during the interview, and consider adding a brief amusing anecdote about your spouse or child. This would likely be interpreted that you are a loyal, committed family-oriented person who needs this job and will not quit after the company has invested training time on you. Did you work your way through college? Even if college was years ago, this shows the interviewer that you are the type of person who is not afraid of working hard. Are you the oldest child in your family? Casually mention this during the interview, and expound on the fact that you had to help guide and teach your younger siblings. This shows that you are a natural born leader.

The more you can steer the conversation toward a personal tone, the more you will stand out from other candidates and the interviewer will feel you are the best choice for the job.

Lastly, make sure the interviewer knows that you are very much interested in the job. Interviewers won't assume this unless you state it outright. Follow up the interview with a firm handshake while making eye contact. Tell them you hope to hear from them soon, and reiterate when you are available to start.

Following these tips will give you your best chance at being hired over any other candidate. Good luck on your job hunt!

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